What if it was In My Home?

The largest industrial project on the planet

170 sq km of toxic tailing, using as much water as a city of 2 million people and enough natural gas to heat 5 million Canadian homes, it could destroy an area the size of England and is already destroying land, poisoning rivers and crushing downstream communities.

TAR SANDS: Imagine if this was your home - what would you do?

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The tar sands if it were in my home

Tar Sands: If this was your home – what would you do?

The mining of Canada's tar sands is the largest (and one of the most destructive) industrial project in human history. The harvesting of petroleum from the tar sands destroys the land, pollutes the water and is poisoning downstream communities. It is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emission growth in Canada. The tar sands already produce over 30 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year; by 2020 that number could grow to over 140 million tonnes.

Harvesting the tar sands requires the destruction of trees, ecosystems, brush, muskeg and topsoil and requires a massive amount of water. The tar sands are also creating huge health concerns in downstream communities, trampling on treaty and Indigenous rights, and contributing to the destruction of traditional way of life for First Nation peoples in the area.

Imagine if this was your home - what would you do?

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